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China, The First Home Country of World Peace Gong

After the original WPG from Mount Muria, Jepara, Indonesia returned to Indonesia from its relay around the world, WPC President Djuyoto Suntani came up with the idea to make WPG duplicates that are to be erected permanently in various notable locations around the world. The first duplicate of this WPG as the noble symbol of unity was first set up permanently in Penglai-Shandong-China.

On August 20th 2004, the R.O.C government in cooperation with United Nation’s UNESCO officials inaugurated the Grand Monument of World Peace Gong in the beautiful city park of Penglai, across the legendary 8 Perpetual Gods Statue, by the Yellow River. Thousands of world prominent figures were present at the inauguration ceremony.

It was decided to choose China as the first country to rear the WPG after taking into consideration many factors including the fact that China is the leading country in the world’s population count (1.3 billion people) and also one of the world’s oldest and highly esteemed civilization and cultural center. It was the native country of two world’s major religions: Taoism and Confucianism; and the birth place of uncountable inventions and cultural practices in the history of mankind. Penglai in particular was chosen due to its prominence as “The city of Gods” and the birth place of Confucianism in addition to having rich historical and cultural significance.

Among the partners that WPC has in China -aside of the ROC government itself, is CPAPD (Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament), one of the most influential organizations that encompasses 24 professional organizations all over China.

After the inauguration of the WPG monument, the Chinese Government appointed city of Penglai as the “International Peace City.”

Every year on August 20th, the city commemorates it by holding the “Ode to Peace” ceremony, followed by sounding of the WPG in front of thousands of international guest attendees.

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The Indonesian Year of Peace

The Indonesian Year of Peace

The First Time WPG was sounded by the President and Vice President of Republic of Indonesia in Bali, on Dec. 31st, 2002 exactly at the turn of the year at 00:00 local time in front of the whole nation, to commemorate “The year 2003 as The Indonesian Year of Peace”

The Second Time the WPG was sounded by the United Nation Secretary General in Geneva-Switzerland on February 5th, 2003 to usher the “Second Global Summit on World Peace” in which world representatives from 179 countries participated.

The Third Time it was sounded by the President of Republic of Indonesia on April 14th, 2003 to commence the 52nd “PATA Conference” in Bali.

The Fourth Time the WPG was resounded by the President of Republic of Indonesia in East Java-Indonesia on June 14th, 2003 to commence “the Borobudur International Festival”